Luxury Camping in Banff and Canmore: a Kananaskis glamping experience!

Looking to experience luxury camping in Banff and Canmore? Elevated Escapes glamping tents are the perfect getaway! Gone are the days where camping has to be an uncomfortable experience. For those who are not prepared to sacrifice a good nights sleep for the great outdoors (or don't want to watch a loved one wrestle with 6 feet of tent poles), Elevated Escapes tents offer a convenient and luxurious way to camp near Banff and Canmore. Experience nature in comfort!

Thankfully for you (and your tent wrestling loved one), renting camping equipment is easy with our turn key camping model. Everything is set up upon arrival –this means no hassle, no hauling equipment and no fighting over whose doing it wrong (save this for the IKEA furniture)

We want our clients to experience the best camping that Banff and Canmore has to offer! Staying at Rafter Six Ranch offers the perfect opportunity to horse back ride against a beautiful Rocky Mountain view backdrop, or have a bonfire under a starry night sky. We believe the best camping spot is one where you can watch the sun set behind the mountains and the stars twinkle in the summer skyline! At Rafter Six Ranch, you'll get this one of a kind experience. Located only 15 minutes from Canmore and approximately 30 minutes from Banff, Rafter Six is the perfect place to explore the Kananaskis region.

"I knew that I wanted to try luxury camping in Banff and Canmore, and decided to try the Elevated Escapes tents at Rafters Six Ranch. It was a super cool way to experience the outdoors! Our friends who opted for a nearby hotel were definitely jealous of our Canmore glamping experience!" Samantha (USA)

Planning to camp from Banff to Jasper? Skip the Banff camping store! We can set up our glamping tents up for you at the Banff public campgrounds. You'll be close to town, but still have the opportunity to spot wildlife like deers, elk and foxes. The best part about Banff luxury camping is getting to experience the Canadian wilderness! Just make sure to keep your food stored in the bear safe lockers so that you don't experience the wildlife at a closer distance than you bargained for.

Elevated Escapes will keep your Banff camping list very short: we provide bedding, coolers, propane stoves, ice packs, hot water bottles, and all the camping cooking equipment you'll need! It's all included in our package. So put away that Banff camping packing list and make the experience easy! We'd love to give you recommendations on beautiful sites to see in the area. For example, check out Lake Minnewanka, hike Johnson's canyon or take the town Gondola up to see the fantastic views. Or, if you're looking for a hike off the beaten path, try Rawson Lake and Sarrail Ridge. The views at the top will leave you breathless. Then come home and end your day the perfect way: relaxing by the campfire with your loved ones. Banff glamping the way it was meant to be done!

Banff Kananaskis camping is amongst the best in the world, and we're extremely passionate about ensuring that our clients get to experience the region to the fullest! Beauty? Check! Comfort? Check! Luxury and romance? You bet! If you're interested in luxury camping in Banff and Canmore, reach out to us and we'd love to help you plan your camping experience!

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